Make the most of the humble broad bean!

Taken from Sarah Raven’s Food for Friends and Family book, this is such a simple yet extremely delicious recipe that we have used over and over again that we wanted to share it with you.  Perfect as an appetiser while waiting for the rest of the BBQ food is being cooked – enjoy!



25-30 small broad bean pods

50-75g Pecorino cheese, slivered

Flaky sea salt

1 lemon, cut into wedges

Serves 4

  1. Put the whole bean pods on a very hot open grill or BBQ approximately 20-25cms above the flames
  2. Cook until softened and blackened on both sides – normally around 5 minutes
  3. Transfer to a plate and allow to cool a little
  4. To eat, dip each bean in a little of the salt, squeeze over some lemon juice and wrap one or two beans together in a sliver of Pecorino
Tip: Use homegrown beans wherever possible but if not ones that are not too long and leathery!