After this year’s experience of an extended lambing period, which ran for several months thanks to the exploits of a rogue ram, we have been extremely vigilant in planning ahead for next year’s Spring lambs!

Over the last few weeks, we have been carefully working through our flock, checking for any obvious medical problems, trimming feet, dagging and treating for common ailments including fly strike and worms.  We’ve also consulted our records from previous lambings to check for any individual specific health issues which may prevent the ewe reproducing again.  These include prolapses, an inability to feed their young, and the age of the ewe.  Those that are fit and in good condition will be used for breeding whilst the others will be culled, thus ensuring that we continue to have a healthy flock going forward.

Our handsome pure breed Lleyn ram did us proud this year and we hope he will do the same in 2018!

This year we have quite a few shearlings (ewes which have only been shorn once approximately 18 months of age) joining the breeding group.  It’s best to put these young ewes with rams who have a bit of experience and vice a versa; a young inexperienced ram is often put to more experienced ewes just to help every thing along! Luckily the two rams we intend to use this year have been proven and are relatively experienced.

So now all we can do is let them get on with their job, monitor the ewes over the coming months and keep our fingers crossed for another successful lambing in early March 2018.

We’ll let you know how we get on in the Spring!