June is the best and busiest month in the cutting garden, with an array of vibrant colour and wonderful scent, but also so much to do!  Working with the seasons means we have to be flexible, so the recent run of dry weather has left the ground extremely hard and we haven’t been able to get on as much as we would have liked to.  Jobs for the days and weeks ahead will definitely involve lots more planting out, weeding, staking, supporting and picking of course!

Consisting of a mix of annuals, perennials and shrubs our cutting garden is around a quarter of an acre and provides us with cut flowers from May – September along with herbs for the kitchen and use in our floral arrangements too.  We love all the cottage garden flowers so this is what we focus on, growing from seed (some of which is our own saved from previous years) cuttings and a few new additions which we can’t resist buying from other local nurseries or garden events, to create variety through the months.

Over the years the beds have become established so we are also able to split plants and have noticed this year in particular, lots of self sown seedlings popping up in the oddest of places! In fact we’ve had an early first crop of sweet peas thanks to the seedlings we found and got planted straight away.  We also try to sow annuals “little and often” so we have an ongoing supply of beautiful flowers for our customers.

We welcome visitors to have a wander and enjoy the tranquility of the space or to come and pick your own during the growing season.  Flowers at their best this month include the striking tall spires of the foxgloves and delphiniums; British scented roses and sweet peas; Peonies and hardy annuals such as ammi, love in a mist and cornflowers.