Our Animals


Our grass fed beef cattle, which include Irish Moiled and Belted Galloway, are bought from a local farm as weaned calves aged between 6 and 7 months. They are raised on land in the nearby villages of Tangley and Clatford and are allowed to grow and mature slowly.

These traditional native breeds have been carefully selected for their superior quality and taste.


We have a flock of over 200 sheep and lambs consisting of pure breed Llanwenogs and Shetlands; Hampshire Down crosses and locally sourced mule lambs.

Grazing in and around our small local parish, they live a natural life reared outside on a diet of grass and other leafy matter, only being brought back onto the smallholding for lambing so we can keep a closer eye on them.


We chose to breed and raise pedigree Oxford, Sandy and Black pigs – a rare traditional breed of pig noted for its many qualities, particularly its excellent temperament and mothering abilities.

Our breeding sows currently include Daisy and Gloria. In addition we also have two pure Berkshire sows - Essy and Dotty - and our own pedigree Oxford, Sandy & Black boar, Boris, who has been father to several of our previous litters of piglets. All of our pigs are raised outdoors and have plenty of space to roam around on the smallholding.