Many of you will have seen a rather dishevelled looking lamb wandering freely around the smallholding followed closely by his faithful friend – little brown hen – this is Bertie.  Probably what a lot of people don’t realise is how he got to be on the farm.  This is his story…

Bertie is one of our pedigree Shetland lambs, born last year as a fit and healthy ram who enjoyed grazing the pastures with the rest of our flock. That was until last October when Jim – out on his daily checks – found him unable to move in the corner of the field.  He was brought back to the smallholding where we could give him the one to one care he needed.  The outlook didn’t look good, but as is the case for all our livestock, his welfare and well being was paramount, so we made him as comfortable as we could but under no false illusions that nature would run its cause if it wasn’t meant to be.


Over the days and weeks which followed, we watched how he grew stronger and gradually learnt to turn himself around, using his upper body strength and limited use of his front legs, so he could graze the circle of grass around him, with us on hand to move him to another spot for more sustenance.

Then in December, much to our amazement, he finally regained the use of his back legs and we found him out and about, initially slightly  unsteady on his feet, discovering the other animals on the smallholding and hiding beneath our house when it rained!! Since then he has gone from strength to strength and has taken up residence with one of our brown laying hens. He even  has moments racing madly around the smallholding – much to the amusement of everyone here! In fact its fair to say that his antics have provided many a story for our visitors.

He is definitely becoming more tame and is enjoying getting to know many of our customers – although he is still extremely attached to Jim – following him wherever he goes on the smallholding!