As the weather (hopefully gets warmer) and there is less risk of frost, there is lots to be getting on with in the cutting garden, veg patch and orchard this month including dividing perennials, pruning and tidying.  It’s also time to get seed sowing – parsnips, broad beans, carrots and radishes can all be sown directly outside.

In addition to seed sowing, we have already been planting dahlia tubers in pots under cover so they can grow on happily until the frosts are finished. Some will then be planted in the cutting garden and others available for sale in our plant nursery.

Later in the month there will be lots of pricking out to be done as the seeds germinate and need more room to grow in their own individual pots.  When doing this take care to lift each baby plant including the root, handling everything by its leaves rather than stem, as it bruises easily.


Here’s our guide for the other jobs that can be done in the month ahead:

  • Lift and divide snowdrops ‘in the green’ and replant to create your own drift for next year
  • As Spring flowering bulbs start to go over and regularly deadhead but leave the foliage to  die back and feed the bulb for next year
  • Lift and divide snowdrops ‘in the green’ and replant to create your own drift for next year
  • Continue to ‘chit’ potatoes and earlies such as International Kidney and Arran Pilot can be planted out
  • Box hedging can be cut into shape and young hedges can be pruned to a third to make for a thicker and stronger hedge
  • If you managed to sow some sweet peas last Winter, pinch out the tips now to encourage sideshoots.
  • Prepare areas in seedbeds ready for direct sowing of seasonal veg and hardy annuals later in the month
  • Courgettes, beetroot, leeks, peas and cucumbers can all be sown under cover
  • Start to harvest early rhubarb by pulling rather than cutting from the bottom
  • It’s not too  late to plant fruit trees and bushes and prune fruit trees

And of course don’t forget to enjoy the seasonal blooms this month has to offer!